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A beautiful city with lots of history, culture and entertainment and a team of  engaging, licensed, english speaking guides - THE perfect combination for your stay in Valencia!


Since 2015 we - Eline van den Heuvel and Stephanie Schulz - are here for you: Classic guided walking tours, excursions to the wine region, your company's event... We offer tailor-made tours and events for you and your family (also with kids and teenagers), friends or company. We prefer entertaining tours over too many numbers and dates or boring history (but don't worry, we got that covered, too!). You will rather hear little stories, interesting legends and details about every-day-life of the Valencians to give you a good overview of the city. During our english guided tours we offer lots of recommendations about what to do in Valencia, where to eat the best Paella, which museum is worth your time, where to buy the most authentic souvenirs, and so on....


We only work with official licensed guides who speak great English and have a wide knowledge about Valencia and Spain. The following values are key to us: authenticity, punctuality, uniqueness, flexibility and first-class-organisation from A to Z.


We are looking forward to welcome you to Valencia, and to help you to make the most of your visit to our beautiful city.

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Stephanie Schulz 

(*1982, Schwerin, Germany)


I call Valencia home since 2011. Moving here was no coincidence, but a well thought decision for this city. I studied German history and language. While studying and afterwards I travelled a lot, and even lived 5 years in Paris and one year in Orlando, Florida. Working as a tour guide during that time I had a chance to learn and experience the ins and outs of tourism, especially during my many years with Adventures by Disney, a Walt Disney Company owned travel agency specialised in entertaining tours for families around the world. After many years 'on the road' I felt like finding my 'forever home'. I visited 10 Spanish cities to decide where to live. After only two hours of walking around Valencia I was sold: great weather, fantastic food, nice people and the Mediterranean Sea. Not too big, not too small, full of culture and history. Ever since I live year around in Valencia and work as an Oficial tourist guide, in English, German, French and Spanish.


I also wrote a guide book about Valencia which was first published in 2018 (available only in German).  I am very proud of my Valenciana 'baby'. You can purchase the book in bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and of course online

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Eline van den Heuvel

(*1974, The Netherlands)


I moved to Valencia in 2007 - a city that I did not know before moving here but that's very dear to my heart nowadays. If you would have told me - back in the days when I was studying in The Hague - that I would be working as a licensed tourist guide with my own agency in Spain one day... I wouldn't have believed you. Traveling was always my big passion - I am a true Globetrotter, both in my private and work life. First I worked at a fantastic PR agency in the south of the Netherlands.  Then I moved to Germany:  In the beginning I worked in Göttingen and later I was with TUI as a business developer in Frankfurt for almost 8 years.  I also lived in both France and England for a while.


More than 12 years ago my partner and I were ready for a complete new start in Spain.  We fell in love with Valencia at first sight. Nowadays I have a hard time to imagine to ever move away again. I love Valencia and its surroundings. This city is so diverse! I've been working as an official tourist guide for over 7 years now (Dutch, English, German, Spanish), sharing my enthusiasm with guests of many different nationalities. I experience Valencia with all senses: I listen to life, see happiness, taste the Mediterranean Sea..You will too! 




Stephanie: +34 625.770.839

Eline: +34 663.436.444

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